Winning with Purpose: Pepsico's Journey Towards a Better Future

By Avinash Ashok

Pepsico's Performance with Purpose initiative stands as a remarkable study, showcasing how a global powerhouse can integrate purpose into its core business strategy. Facing the Great Recession, Pepsico's chief strategist, Indra Nooyi, dared to ask a fundamental question: "What kind of company did Pepsico want to be going forward?" This pivotal moment set the stage for Performance with Purpose, a new approach that aimed to deliver financial returns while addressing social and environmental challenges. The company demonstrated resilience, with its net revenue growing from $43.3 billion in 2008 to $86.39 billion in 2022, a remarkable increase of nearly 100%. (Source: Pepsico Annual Report, 2022)


Purpose-Driven Leadership:

Indra Nooyi's leadership was visionary and inclusive. By adopting the "2+2+2" leadership concept, Pepsico encouraged executives to gain experience in two businesses, two functions, and two geographies. This approach fostered a deep understanding of the diverse facets of the company and helped shape a purpose-driven culture from the top down.

Shifting towards Healthier Choices:

Pepsico recognized the increasing consumer demand for healthier options. In response, the company introduced the Fun for You, Better for You, and Good for You categories. The Fun for You category encompasses beloved brands like Lay's and Pepsi, offering indulgent treats and refreshing beverages. The Better for You category focuses on improving nutritional profiles, reducing salt, sugar, and saturated fats, and incorporating wholesome ingredients. Examples include Baked Lay's and Pepsi Next. The Good for You category prioritizes health and well-being, featuring brands like Tropicana, Quaker Oats and Naked Juice which offer nutritious fruit juices and smoothies.

Environmental Stewardship:

Pepsico demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by setting  goals to reduce its environmental impact. In July 2022, they issued a new $1.25 billion 10-year Green Bond, which will focus on investments to advance key environmental sustainability initiatives. A new global packaging goal for 20% of beverage servings to be delivered through reusable models by 2030. Pepsico's dedication to environmental sustainability has earned it recognition as a global leader in corporate climate action.

A Personal touch:

Pepsico understood the significance of acknowledging the contribution and support of its employees' families. As a gesture of gratitude, Pepsico frequently wrote letters to the parents of its leadership team members, expressing admiration and appreciation for raising remarkable sons and daughters. They also started visiting the families of its employees. Indra Nooyi herself personally visited the homes of several members of the leadership team.


As we reflect on Pepsico's Performance with Purpose strategy and its exceptional commitment to people, sustainability, and innovation, we are reminded of the profound impact a purpose-driven approach can have on both individuals and the world at large. Pepsico is setting a precedent for responsible business and inspiring others to join the journey toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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