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The world is today seeing a progressive movement from the bad to the good. Except for the casualties and deaths, the pandemic has brought along many valuable learnings for mankind. The emerging new order in business will have humanity as its pivot. In such a scenario, it will not suffice to focus on the product alone to drive business. The post-pandemic buying psychology would possibly be equated to the iceberg concept. According to iceberg theory, 80% of the reason for brand adoption would be based on brand essence, and not product benefits or features. Simply put, brands should shed excessive thrust on Value Proposition and switch to what we call the 'Value Purposition'. A recent research by Accenture reveals that 63% of consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands, 65% say they prefer brands that treat employees well, 62% support companies that have reduced the use of plastics, are environmentally conscious and adhere to ethical values, and 74% want transparency i


When we think of our Mother, the thoughts that flash across our minds have always been of a person who is compassionate, kind, selfless, and who finds extreme happiness in giving. Can we ever think of her being harmed in any manner? A Mother never measures out her blessings, she lets them flow in abundance. So too Mother Earth. She has been showering us with her blessings, which have never abated in any way. She is kind enough to provide us with everything that we need to survive and thrive on, be it oxygen, food, water, medicine or materials for shelter. So don't we have a duty towards protecting her resources, not using them nonchalantly, and preserving her rich resources for the next generation? Sustainable development is the key and this is impossible without a change in our attitude towards Mother Earth. The need for sustainability calls for a behavioural change in each one of us. What better time than now, when we are in the process of controlling and overcoming the pandemic,