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Transition into a carbon-neutral company and BRSR reporting

  Becoming carbon-neutral can initially seem like a daunting task, but it's important to remember that it can be accomplished through incremental changes. By breaking down the actions required into smaller, more manageable tasks, the process becomes more feasible and achievable. Reducing and ultimately eliminating sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions at the corporate level is not only a critical investment in our future, but it also makes sound business sense.  Here are some steps a service industry can take to become carbon neutral: Conduct a GHG inventory: The first step is to assess the company's carbon footprint by measuring and quantifying all emissions from all sources, including direct and indirect emissions from electricity, transportation, and waste disposal. This will help in identifying areas where emissions can be reduced. Set reduction targets: Based on the GHG inventory results, set targets for reducing emissions. The targets should be specific, mea