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Corporate Social Responsibility in India – An eyewash or an eye opener?

  CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is an often used, but misused term, in corporate parlance. Almost everyone in the corporate world knows of the term. But what does it entail and how does an organisation go about it? Scratch below the surface, and more often than not, most people would only know the full form of the abbreviation and little else. Does their organisation practise CSR? What are the various CSR initiatives the organisation undertakes? Is it the collective responsibility of the organisation as a whole or just restricted to the CSR Committees? The questions are many, but the answers are usually very few. Why? Is it because Indian organisations practise CSR simply because it’s a mandatory requirement? Or is it because they truly understand the spirit of CSR and are desirous of giving back a small portion of their profits to the society, they got everything from? Let’s look for some answers…   What is CSR? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regula