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Storytelling; the Science of Sympathetic Synchrony.

  Does it resonate well with the audience? Is it in sync with the marketing cohort we are looking for? We often ask these questions with or without a deeper knowledge of the facts. While the whole world is after these trending marketing jargons, let's take a few minutes to get deeper into its science. Vibratory physics informs us that everything is a vibration. Even stationary objects are vibrating. To put a little poetry into it, the 'Theory of Strings' says that there are invisible strings creating music inside every atom. If everything is a vibration, then everything can be influenced sympathetically by bringing it to synchrony through harmonic relationships that already exist in this universe. A grain of sand is better cohered through synchronous vibratory relationship when it becomes part of a single piece of stone or a heap of sand. Since the potential for harmonic relationship already exists in the universe, everything gets into what is technically called 'Sponta