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Organic BPS Triumphs at Indian Marketing Awards South 2023, Securing Three Coveted Metals.

  We are thrilled to announce our triumphant achievement of winning three metals at the Indian Marketing Awards (South) 2023. Hosted by the exchange4media Group, the 3rd edition of the e4m Indian Marketing Awards (IMA) South took place on Friday, August 18th, in Bengaluru. During this grand event, the most outstanding and creative agencies were recognised and celebrated for their exemplary work across various categories.   🥇 Gold for New Product Launch - Real Estate ( Client: Asset Homes) We were honoured with the Gold award for our 360-degree marketing campaign for Asset Homes, created for the launch of Asset Selfie Micro Apartments. This innovative product was backed by a comprehensive and strategic creative approach. The "Lifecycle Builder" concept, introduced by Organic BPS to promote the Singular Living option of Selfie, has been well received by the market, the industry, and now the fraternity. 🥈 Silver for Best Use of TV -

When Sustainability Meets Purpose: Paving the way to a brighter future

  By Fida Nazlin In a world undergoing rapid transformation, the ideals of sustainability and purpose have emerged as guiding lights, offering hope and progress in the face of environmental challenges, social disparities, and a growing sense of disconnection. Now, more than ever, embracing these intertwined concepts is imperative. They provide us with a roadmap for a flourishing world and one that is harmonious and meaningful. Sustainability: The Driving Force  Sustainability is no longer a buzzword confined to environmental discussions; it has become a way of life. At its core, sustainability involves mindful choices aimed at conserving resources, minimising waste, and reducing our carbon footprint. From our everyday actions to global policies, sustainability serves as our compass, directing us towards a balanced coexistence with the natural world. A significant facet of sustainability involves the transition towards renewable energy sources. By embracing solar, wind, and hydroelectri